Continuous, dynamic and vanguard learning approach for sustainable competitive advantage

“Where theory befriends practice to create practical learning and development”

Volguard Academy is a global, multi-disciplinary hub for corporate development. Our clients benefit from the synergy created by Volguard Academy’s alliance with Volguard Consultancy and Volguard Analytics. Our industry experts bring latest and most relevant topics, insights, methods and solutions to our clients.

We also work with our partner universities to bridge the gap between student academic foundations and corporate demands. At Volguard Academy, the needs and aspirations of the business and academic worlds find concordance.

“A well-rounded team of experts with international industry and academic experience”

Keeping a strong balance between academic background and industry experience, our team includes leading industry experts with experience in well-known international organizations and world’s top universities and schools . Here, academics and industry practitioners gather to bring the best of both worlds towards innovative solutions and perspicacious insights.

With our team spread across the globe in Singapore, Paris, Hong Kong and Hanoi our services to clients present both the big picture as well as an understanding of local nuances.