Volguard is a multi-disciplinary independent research house that offers a comprehensive suite of services in consulting, research and education. Our team composition merges the best of practical expertise and experience with technical competencies, to help clients optimise and maximise opportunities in today's dynamic landscape.

Our global clients include supranational entities, government agencies, corporates and financial institutions. To meet the unique needs of our clients, we have developed a three-pronged approach via Volguard Consulting, Volguard Academy and Volguard Analytics. This means that our family of Volguard capabilities work side-by-side with clients, to engage and involve them in true partnership.

Each member of our Volguard family is equipped to provide objective inputs into customized projects such as feasibility studies, risk analysis and financial analytics. Other areas include:

- Finance and business analytics
- Corporate treasury and hedging
- Strategic solutions and economic modelling
- Wealth management
- Capital markets and derivatives
- Risk and compliance
- Litigations and expert witness
- Consultative education